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Run, rabbit, run - this cheetah is on your tail!!

Then something changed. she spotted something – a hare! 

We were expecting the happy cheetah to start devouring her prey in a frenzy, as this is what other predators usually do, but instead the exhausted cat just sat there panting, holding the fresh carcass in her mouth and occasionally throwing a satisfied look at us, as if to say: “See? Told you I’ll nail her!”

A cheetah exploits so much of its energy during hunting that it must spend a while afterwards to recuperate. Then their appetite kicks in after the first small bite. We stayed there watching during the entire meal, and once the cheetah had almost finished, and the hare almost gone, we moved on to our next adventure in the Serengeti National Park 

The story was published in famous magazines

She was sitting on top of a large pinnacle rock when we first saw her, giving us the most dramatic static shots we could have wished for. Apart from a casual and well documented yawn, she was very alert. It was clear she is up to something, so we stayed and watched. 

She leaped elegantly down to the grass below.

After a 20-second long chase, which included lots of twists and turns, the hare was finally caught in the teeth of the only predator that can outrun it. Other cats such as leopard or caracal, or even a jackal, can get really lucky and catch one in an ambush or opportunistically, but only the cheetah is fast enough to catch a hare on an open hunt.

and a minute later, The chase began. Two of the most agile and speedy creatures in the savanna were in a contest that could only really end one way.  

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